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Lisa Barr has been a journalist for more than 20 years. She served as an editor for The Jerusalem Post for five years, covering Middle East politics, lifestyle, and terrorism in Jerusalem. Among the highlights of her career, Lisa covered the famous “handshake” between the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, and President Bill Clinton at the White House.


Mary Pauline Lowry sits with Lisa Barr for a Q&A session regarding her Award-Winning Debut Novel: Fugitive Colors

Mary Pauline Lowry (MPL): You’ve worked as a journalist for more than twenty years–as an editor/reporter for The Jerusalem Post and the Chicago Sun-Times, and as managing editor of Moment Magazine and Today’s Chicago Woman. In addition, you’ve freelanced for numerous magazines including Vogue. What inspired you to write a novel?

Lisa Barr (LB): It was 1991, and at that time I was serving as the managing editor of Today’s Chicago Woman, and I was sent on assignment to cover the “Degenerate Art” Exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. Entering the museum, I literally stopped in my tracks–I had found my story.

A Chicago novelist sheds light on art stolen by the Nazis

I’ve been a journalist for more than 20 years, but there was one pivotal moment that changed the course of my career. When I was 26, I was assigned to cover the “Degenerate Art” exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibit literally stopped me in my tracks, and later became the basis for my first novel, “Fugitive Colors.” Even as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I had never known about the Nazis’ relentless mission to destroy anything avant-garde, particularly painters and their work …

The Making of GIRLilla Warfare

This blog is about women in the trenches amped on changing our world “One Bitch at a Time.” This site is a No-Cat-Fight-Zone. There is no desperate in housewives here. There is no division between Working Moms and Stay-at-Homers. We are all in this battle together.

Fugitive Colors – A Novel by Lisa Barr

Fugitive Colors is a suspenseful tale of an artist’s revenge after World War II. Julian Klein, a young American artist, leaves behind his religious upbringing for the artistic freedom of Paris in the 1930s, only to find himself trapped inside a world in which a paintbrush is far more lethal than a gun. An artist-cum-unlikely spy, Julian is forced to contend with jealous inferior artists who attempt to destroy those with true talent.

Love, Friendship, Betrayal, and Passion painted in Fugitive Colors is never black and white. Like an abstract painting, Julian’s turbulent journey is emotionally charged as he tries to save his friends and rescue some of the most important pieces of Modern Art including his own.

Visit www.fugitivecolorsthenovel.com for more information.

Federation Star – January 2013

FUGITIVE COLORS received a glowing review by Phil Jason of the Federation Star.

Read the article on issuu.com

Chicago Public Library Foundation’s 2012 Carl Sandburg Literary Awards

Lisa Barr, author of FUGITIVE COLORS, honored with other local authors at the Chicago Public Library Foundation’s 2012 Carl Sandburg Literary Awards dinner on October 17. Chicago anchorman Bill Kurtis hosted the event.

Visit www.fugitivecolorsthenovel.com for more information.

In The News… TribLocal – Highland Park/Highwood

Award-Winning Novel FUGITIVE COLORS Debuts on Amazon.com Author Lisa Barr simultaneously launches “GIRLilla Warfare: A Mom’s Guide to Surviving the Suburban Jungle” www.girlillawarfare.com

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Chicago Jewish News

Chicago Jewish News Profile:
Fugitive Colors & GIRLilla Warfare

Interviewed by CJN about my book, blog, family, and Judaism,
I was truly honored.
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Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue Showcases Fugitive Colors

Despite its release this past spring, Northbrook native Lisa Barr’s novel Fugitive Colors (GIRLilla Warfare Press) is the perfect novel for early fall.

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JUF News: The many colors of Lisa Barr

Lisa Barr’s resume is as colorful as the cover of her new book. The Deerfield native’s career spans from international hard-hitting journalism, to author of a World War II novel to blogger of the secret lives and problems of suburban housewives.

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