Black Friday Frenzy: 6 Tips to Help You Save Money & Your Sanity

By Jamie Kanner

The hype is already growing.  I just read a story about one guy who has been sleeping outside of Best Buy in Los Angeles since LAST WEEK to nab a big screen TV for $200. Crazy maybe, but some people are willing to do just about anything to save a bundle. So how do you maximize your savings and stay away from the insanity of it all? View Black Friday Frenzy as a Shopping Mission. The bottom line: You gotta have a plan …

Here are my 6 “BFF” top tips:

  1. Make a plan AND a list:  What do you really need? For whom are you holiday shopping? If you have kids, go through their closets and clean them out. Do a little research online so you know beforehand which stores have the items you “need”.
  2. Gather your data: Know the sizes of everyone you are shopping for. I took my kids out to the stores and sized them earlier this month for jackets, boots, skis, shoes etc.  This will keep your returns to a minimum and optimize your in-store time. In addition it helps minimize your shopping stress levels because you are prepared and not scrambling.
  3. Mobile Apps Rule: The best deals can often be found on your phone. You can organize them by category, retailer, and deals. The apps are free and available for iPhone and Android phones. Search Black Friday.com, dealnews.com and retailmenot.com. Love coupons; check out slickdeals.net.
  4. Here is a link to the 10 best websites for Black Friday. http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/2014/11/19/10-essential-websites-for-black-friday-deals
  5. Mall or NO Mall .. that is the question: Don’t want to venture out into the shopping chaos … then grab a big mug of coffee, kick back and shop in your pajamas. Research shows that the majority of the deals are available online.
  6. Electronics Bonanza: Believe me, the biggest savings will be found on those TVs. If you are looking for electronics — this is YOUR day. Maybe that guy sleeping outside of Best Buy knows exactly what he is doing! It all depends on what your family needs. As for my family, we go for the 50% off minimum on clothes. (Although studies show best deals on clothing are the months of August, September, and January.)

The “BFF” kicker: What’s most important and a great “Stay Sane” reminder for all is knowing that it’s NOT about the deals or the shopping frenzy …

Black Friday is truly about the precious time we get to spend with our kids and families, and having fun.

If you happen to see my family during the wee hours of Black Friday, you can bet we will be doing the “Crazy” by getting up at the crack of dawn, driving together and singing at the top of our lungs to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”.

Happy Shopping!

Lisa Barr, Editor of GIRLilla Warfare:  Jamie Kanner has four children, and has been happily married  for over 26 years. You can reach her at: jkanner92@gmail.com or www.Jamie.myarbonne.com


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