GIRLilla Warfare: News from the “Trenches”

A Note from the Editor…

Hey GIRLillas & GUYrillas (Yes, we do have a large male readership!):

This week marks three months since we launched GIRLilla Warfare, and the response, input, and feedback have been fabulous. As we all gear up for the New Year (in Mom-speak – the New School Year marks the TRUE beginning), here is our blog lowdown:

We have, to date, close to 500 subscribers and we are growing daily, who get their Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog “fix” automatically. So if you have friends who want to join us too, just tell them to sign on (for FREE, of course). We have thousands of other readers from all over the world who tap in to see what’s on our daily menu.

Here’s a fun fact: I just found out that there is a contingency of Moms living in Paris who are reading our blog. My goal is to get “La Maman” to write in to GW about “Life in Paris Suburbia”… Not to mention we’ve got Mommies in London, Israel, Spain, China, Australia, Albania (yes, Albania), among many other countries checking us out. (At last count, close to 14,000 readers since our launch).

GW welcomes E.J. Gordon — her nom de plume — our official “sex” writer. She is awesome, funny, intuitive, and is not afraid to shake it up. Okay, I’m a little jealous ‘cuz she gets to write all the juicy stuff! Check out her debut blog tomorrow: Confessions of a “Teenage Slut”. Even my husband said, “Don’t edit a single word — it’s fantastic.”  You will hear from E.J. every other week … so be on the look-out. If you thought I was racy — this Mommy fearlessly takes you the distance.

Dads are voicing in. One Dad just wrote a piece on how to “ignite the flame” — turning ordinary into extraordinary in bed from a Married Man’s Perspective. He doesn’t hold back either …

Many kids are returning home from overnight camp this week. Many parents are gearing up for Back-To-School Madness … NO WORRIES … our blog will not miss a beat and help you through the transition.

We are now beginning to offer Advertising Space. Our intent was to wait six months, but the demand is clearly Now — so in the coming weeks, you will see various ads accompanying the morning blog. If you, too, are interested in promoting your business, just email me directly: lisafrydman@aol.com and I will set you up with GW’s designer extraordinaire Dave Stepen of Appdroplet fame …

On that note — if you have seen over the past few weeks a computer glitch within GIRLilla Warfare — meaning you have received an email that has no article accompanying it … that’s all ME. I have a terrible habit of pressing the wrong buttons, and calling Dave with an S.O.S.  So it’s not YOU; it’s ME.

As for Social Media Thank You, Thank You for generously tagging us, connecting us with YOUR FRIENDS, sticking us up on your Facebook page, and spreading the GW gospel. I can’t begin to tell you what this has done for our blog. It really has put us on the map, so my (pen) cap is off to you.

Oh, and Twitter– Yes, FOLLOW US — and we will follow YOU. We’re just beginning, so your presence will help our presence … Check us out at  @Girlillawarfare

Most importantly, GIRIlla Warfare is for YOU, ME, and the Girl Next Door. Comment!!! Give us your opinion and your stories. Nothing is taboo, no topic is left behind. Your COMMENTS are the fuel to GW — it is what keeps the Convo going, alive, and interesting …

So let’s Jack Up This Party. Don’t hesitate. Send me YOUR stories. Remember: You don’t have to be writers, just thinkers and communicators … Everything you send me is in MY VAULT. No one can break me for your identity. If you choose, Anonymity is all YOURS, baby.

Again, send your stories to my personal email: lisafrydman@aol.com.

So here’s to New Beginnings  — School, Life, Love, Joy & Fulfillment, Marriage, Sex & Passion, Parenting, Friendship, and Everything In-Between. But most of all … Laughter — with GIRLilla Warfare, there’s lots of it.

XOXO Lisa Barr


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