GIRLilla Warfare Welcomes Aboard Our Very Own “GUYrilla”

By Lisa Barr

So I got a call a few weeks ago. “My wife reads your blog,” he said. “And, she got me hooked. I’m a writer, a businessman, a Dad — and I want to give the male point-of-view to your readers — how ’bout it?”

Oh, I’m SO IN.

Evan Field (nom de plume), 40, married 10 years, Dad of two, and a successful businessman, is now our very own GUYrilla (every GIRL needs one of those…). He is ready to take it all on — Marriage, Parenting, (Hot) Sex, Trends, Drama — no holding back.

In fact, Evan says he is all about the give-‘n-take … he wants to know what WE women really want, and is willing to satisfy.

But while he’s at it, some tit-for-tat would be nice … (YES, expect him to be racy). Evan says he is more than happy to take on the “Honey-Do” List — but definitely he — and all men — want some return. Hey, what’s fair is fair.

Check out Evan Field’s debut blog tomorrow on the strategic planning of “Date Night”– it’s not what you think — but it is what MEN think.

Field says GIRLilla has really helped him and other men penetrate the mysterious and complex minds of the woman they live with, love with, fight with, raise children with — and now it’s time to know what’s really going on in YOUR Man’s head.

Mars and Venus will surely be colliding AND “holding hands” in Field’s blogs. Get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.   xo Lisa 

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