GIRLilla Warfare’s 2014 IN & OUT List

By Arden Edelcup

In the end, only three things matter; how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. — Buddha

Hello 2014!!  Aren’t we all just a little giddy with the shiny hope for another brand new year?  Our old friend 2013 certainly kept us entertained and was the year that introduced us to obsessive selfies and twerking. Our ears were ringing from the constant chatter about the Obamacare website, and “Anthony Weiner’s … weiner.  Kanye and Kim gave birth to a direction (“North”), and we all discovered that Orange is the New Black.

So as we toast the new year, join me as we kick “OUT” the overexposed and overhyped and welcome “IN” the hip, fresh and cool.

Who is IN 

Jennifer Lawrence.  Everyone’s new BFF is the New “IT” girl. After winning an Oscar, she became a media darling who was literally everywhere. We embraced the 23 year old’s bold authenticity and applauded when she defiantly announced to Barbara Walter’s that she refused to ever lose weight for roles.  She IS the rare, relatable star with range and depth, and remarkable talent.

Sandra Bullock. She is everyone’s old BFF and the perpetual “IT” woman. We all rallied around our buddy when her tattooed cheating hubby ran off with a biker chick, and we have been in her corner ever since. She re-emerged this year at the ripe young age of 49 with a stellar performance in “Gravity” and reminded us just how damn good she is.  And on a very shallow note, she looks hotter and sexier than ever.  Let’s face it, she makes turning 50 a little easier for all of us.

Robert Redford. Yes, who hasn’t cried in the last scene of “The Way We Were” at this breathtakingly gorgeous man walking away from our beloved Barbara Streisand.  At 77 years old, he burst out of retirement, and is poised to be nominated for an Academy Award for his brilliant performance in “All Is Lost”.  And damn, that guy is still sexy as hell.

Who Is OUT

Justin Bieber. Let’s not even go into the sordid annoying details of this overexposed, cautionary tale of having too much too soon.  From all accounts, the “Biebs” is out.

Anne Hathaway. Her perkiness was grating and her smile too big to seem authentic.  There is actually Facebook pages devoted to “Hatha-hate” which sounds cruel, but definitely lands her on the OUT list for 2014.  (She should study the Jennifer Lawrence instruction book on how to seduce the world.)

Miley Cyrus & Her Giant Foam Finger. Need I even explain why?

IN- Kale /OUT- Gluten

Kale is everywhere. Celebrity chefs on morning TV shows have sautéed, fried, and even created desserts from this veggie superstar.

Kale is the Jennifer Lawrence for healthy foodies everywhere.

Bread is out. Everyone is gluten-free. Entire grocery aisles are dedicated to gluten-free food.

Eating a bagel in 2014 has become akin to lighting up a cigarette while you are pregnant.

Carb addicts everywhere will have to cower in dark alleys to eat their sesame bagel in quiet shame.

IN – Lululemon Yoga Apparel/OUT- Lululemon’s CEO

Yes, we all were disgusted when ex-CEO & founder Chip Wilson pronounced that his pricey yogawear should not be worn by chubby girls, but we just COULD NOT peel them off of ourselves. Our butts just look too good in them. Sure, we were morally conflicted but our vanity prevailed. Chip lost his job so we didn’t have to feel conflicted anymore.  Everyone is a winner, especially our tushies.

IN – Sharing Your Thoughts & Feelings With a Friend/OUT – Making a Facebook Status About it.

I know I have ranted on about this before, and to be honest, I also fall prey to the Facebook bragging, bitching and posting of irrelevant thoughts.

I am vowing to return to the pre-Facebook era and actually DIAL my phone and MEET my real friends face-to-face.

Let’s all make 2014 the Year of Connecting with the few who really matter, rather than posting to the curious masses who do not.

IN – Binge Watching On Netflix /OUT – Paying for Overpriced Movie Tickets

Netflix has tapped into our addictive natures as well as making us feel a little less awful when we catch a nasty flu. A few feverish days in bed and you can catch up on all six years of Breaking Bad, or check out thousands of Indie movies you missed in the theater. That is one full week of non-stop entertainment at your sickbed fingertips. Can you believe that only a few years ago, we had to shlep our lazy butts to Blockbuster Video for a new movie release?

What’s IN for Beauty?

IN – Sexy Waves/OUT – Stick Straight Hair

Curling Irons are making their dramatic comeback and Flat Irons are passé?  I know it is hard to believe because we can’t imagine our lives “pre-Flat Iron”.  That magical tool has simplified the torture of fighting with those frizzy, unruly locks.  The good news is that Flat Irons can make curls with a twist of the wrist.  However, for those of you who love sexy waves in your hair, Babyliss Miracurl is the ultimate “IT” beauty appliance. This ingenious invention sucks your hair into the machine and in a few short seconds … beachy waves or bouncy curls literally pop out.

Being Authentic is ALWAYS “IN”

Let’s welcome this brand new year and all the mystery that is yet to unfold over the next 12 months.  It is another chance to reflect on all that changes, yet all that remains the same.

As a wise friend once said: “It is always ‘IN’ to be the very best friend, mother and spouse you can be.”

Pretty simply stated but sometimes challenging to achieve.  In this fast-paced world bursting with tweets, posts and texts, it is never “OUT” to be true to that fabulous multi-faceted woman in the mirror.

So let’s take a deep breath and enjoy all that awaits us this year …

Lisa Barr, Editor of GIRLilla Warfare: Arden Edelcup is a Mom of three “Indiana Hoosiers” and owner, with her hubby Earl Edelcup, of Ross’s in Highland Park, Illinois. Check out her website: www.rosscosmetic.com.


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