GO, MAMA — Today is YOUR Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, GIRLillas!

Here’s why YOU are fabulous …

You make family a priority. Your kids and hubby can count on you … always. No matter what.

You shlep and carpool and wait in ridiculous carpool lines daily.

You have filled out 500 forms and gotten all the required signatures (from pediatricians to recommendations).

You make sure your kids are safe, happy, involved, feeling good, and fed (not to mention making those school lunches at night when you are drop-dead exhausted).

You listen to their stories … over and over.

Laundry … need I say more?

You teach them life lessons, create boundaries, and set an example for them in all that you do. Even when you screw up … it shows them that screwing up is part of life.

You do it ALL — and still manage to look great — better NOW than in your 20s. (We are ALL “The New Black”).

You have collected wisdom on your journey — and those in your home look to YOU for advice (even when you have no clue, and you’re just faking it).

You are learning to breathe, stay calm, and not yell in the morning (I did say “learning”!)

You are — as we all are — a work-in-progress, a Mom-In-Constant-Motion who is trying to find balance … and on those certain days, you actually succeed.

You are NOT perfect — you make mistakes, fall down, and pick yourself up again — there is NO better example for your kids.

You are UBER-Woman with a capital W.O.M.A.N. — Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Sibling, Sexual Goddess, Dream Catcher, Private Detective, Cheerleader, Teacher, Therapist, Doctor, Judge, Referee, Fashion Consultant, Entrepreneur, Party Planner, Accountant, Life Coach, Cleaning Lady, Chauffeur, Teacher, Chef,  and Occasional Punching Bag — all for FREE … remember: your payment is not $$ — but in appreciation. When it comes … Take. It. In.

When you laugh … the joy you bring into your home is second-to-none, and infectious. Laugh Loudly.

Today is for You, for Me, and The Mama Next Door …

Happy Mother’s Day, GIRLillas … with all the trimmings — lots of love, cuddles, acknowledgment … and those of you with little ones, enjoy cards from your kids written with all those fabulous “frame-able” grammatical mistakes — it doesn’t get better than that …

Most of all, BE Good to YOU — you deserve this day. xoxo Lisa 


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