GROUP HUG: Thanks to YOU, GIRLilla Warfare Readers

‘Just to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving. May you enjoy lots of Food, Family & Fantastic moments …

As the Editor and Creator of GIRLilla Warfare — I have a lot to be thankful for. We are now six months in the running … and lovin’ it. First, as always … here’s to my family — a huge Shout-Out — THANK YOU!!! All those late-night edits … I appreciate your understanding and support of my work — my crazy (Never) Balancing Act — especially my husband David, my secret editor/love/sparring partner/Daddy to our three teenage girls (yes, vote him King of Daughter Drama-ville).  And to My Girls — my muses for so many blogs … despite the ‘tude — nothing means more to me than the three of you; the FIVE of us …

My women posse — you know who you are (I couldn’t survive/breathe/drink wine without you) … and to my entire extended family — can’t wait to chill together on T-Day (simply the best).

Huge thanks to my team — Website Designer Dave Stepen and the Appdroplet crew — GW could NOT be possible without all of your brilliant touches and innovative direction (not to mention that I’m a tech-y idiot — so triple thanks on the Patience Front). And to my fab publicist with her even more fabulous hair (curls-2-Die-4 — Keratin: KEEP AWAY) — Marcy Padorr. And book agent Liza Fleissig with her humor (straight from the Big Apple), tenacity, and matching xo’s …

MOST OF ALL TO YOU —  GW Readers — GROUP HUG. You have made my blog YOUR blog — a writer could not ask for more support, openness, honesty, and going the distance with your comments and stories. Love You, GIRLillas

Okay, so here’s what’s new on the blog front — Yes, we are expanding our GW FAMILY:

1. GW “Sexpert” E.J. Gordon will continue exploring provocative and deliciously sexy topics — with her spot-on advice to bring us ultimate satisfaction in our Bedroom, and to remind us that we Moms & Dads are STILL Way Sexy at any age … it only gets better as we get better. Bring it on, E.J.

2. Debby Shulman, a college essay consultant and academic tutor, will now cover “Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Perils of Parenting Adolescents. She will tackle tough topics, and connect directly with the mysterious minds of teenagers to reveal what is really going on behind the “Whatever, Nothing, and Fine” Generation.

3. Arden Edelcup comes on board as our new “Beauty Babe” (I wanted to call her the Beauty Bitch — but damn, she is just too nice). She will explore the latest beauty trends with her insight and knowledge from years of experience in the Beauty Biz. Her column will be hip, cutting-edge, with a twist of humor and inspiration.

So this is the ever-evolving GW at 6 months and counting … as my Shrink Goddess says: “Infinite Love and Gratitude” — Thank you Family, Friends & Readers for giving this journalist’s journey the ulitmate ride … your trust, your time, and your stories.

xoxo Lisa 


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