Happy FIRST Year, GIRLilla Warfare!

Lisa Barr, Editor and Creator of GIRLilla Warfare
WOW … As my beloved grandmother would say, I am totally “Ferklempt.” (Yiddish for overwhelmed with joy). One year later, 152 blogs and counting, thousands of readers and subscribers on board  … GIRLilla Warfare has gone from an experiment to a real presence in the Blog World. It started off with a random conversation between me and a 14-year-old girl dealing with her parents’ divorce. She looked at me and said: If you are going to write about what’s really going on in Suburbia … Please, Just Tell The Truth. I hope I did her proud. None of it  — NADA — could have happened without my fabulous team — their incredible voices and talent are what make this blog so genuine, so honest. They are not afraid to go the distance, and then some …

GIRLilla Warfare is about Moms, Dads, and Our Kids in the trenches — exposing what really goes on behind the Welcome mat. There is no beating up each other here at GW — it’s more like — this is the problem — how can we solve it TOGETHER?

I am truly humbled by the outpour of response — from those living in my community to those reading GW from as far away as New Zealand. “The Blog” — as many fondly call it, touches a raw nerve — it exposes the truth and provides answers. Our goal is to make sure that each blog post gives you something to take away … into your day, into your marriage/relationships, to your kids, straight to the dinner table, and later into the bedroom. Or if it doesn’t relate to you — it has “Pass It Forward” value. No subject is left behind — Parenting/Marriage/Divorce/Sex/Body Image/Girl Drama/Beauty & Trends/Teen issues/Mama Drama …

How blessed I am to have this incredible team making it all happen, particularly my designer Dave Stepen (of Appdroplet fame). Our writers (see below) are second-to-none. They, and our guest bloggers, have not only helped create a meaningful blog but also a safe haven — a forum to deal with the toughest of issues — our kids being left out, our sex lives needing a boost, our bodies and souls seeking internal satisfaction as we race, run, and do everything for our families, to make their worlds better.

This blog recognizes your accomplishments as CEO of your family. But it is also about making YOUR life better, more fulfilling. And most of all, no matter what you are going through — You Are Not Alone.

I’m so grateful to have had this unique opportunity to put it all Out There — and to hear how much our readers truly appreciate the No-Bullshit-Real-Deal. My hat is off to you, my reader, and the GW Crew  — Dave, Tom, Debs, E.J., Arden, Jessica, Evan, Marcy (our fab publicist!), and the face of my Blog — my fabulous Mom trio — Marnie, Alyssa, Stephanie — Thank you all for raising my baby with me, and turning my dream into a reality.

Yes, it DOES take a village — YOU, Me, and the Girl Next Door …

GIRLilla Wafare is now One Years Old. “She” is not only walking … but also she is poised to run  … and our team will be there every step of the way.

Sending Lots of Love  …  

xoxo LB

Here’s what the GIRLilla Warfare team has to say about their GW experience (I’m a bit embarrassed by all of their shout-outs to me — THAT WAS NOT THE PLAN!  — but Thanks, Guys — it means a lot) …

Dave Stepen, GW Web Designer
“Was that really a year already? GIRLillaWarfare means the world to me. Not only has it been a rewarding experience in helping craft the GW brand and blog, but I am learning valuable life-lessons along the way. BY FAR, this is one of the best projects that I have been privileged to work on and hope to do so until Mark Zuckerberg decides he wants to buy the rights to the GW movie. What excites me the most, is hearing our readers talk about the site, the stories people share, and seeing the amazing social interaction. Those small “Thank you” emails (from all over the world) that you receive from readers make it all worth the “extra efforts” that your team puts in for you. I love watching our readership widen to new countries, new communities, and new people. It is sincerely an honor to be associated with the experience you have built. Thank you, Lisa, for all your hard work, for all that you do to “make a difference” —  you’re a true leader, and a great student as well. Thanks to your family too for being so supportive and allowing me to interrupt just about every carpool to field my questions … special shout-out to your #1 GUYrilla and my buddy David… just because he’s one of the last of a dying breed of good guys!! On behalf of the Appdroplet design team — Happy 1-year Anniversary, and many more.

Debby Shulman, GW Teen Issues, Parenting
GIRLilla Warfare serves up a good dose of reality — straight, no chaser.  As a writer, my philosophy has always been to tell my tales honestly and from the heart. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious … but always with the intention of letting others come along for the ride. Lisa Barr, in her infinite wisdom, created an incredible forum that offered compassion, intellect, advice, and insight about those issues that we deal with every day. Knowing that you’re not alone is half the battle; being able to discuss it passionately and with integrity is the rest. GIRLilla Warfare has given me the gift of knowing that so many relate to what I write about and it inspires me to keep telling stories and reflecting on the life lessons that we take away from each one. I have grown so much as a writer and observer with GW — the outreach of support and encouragement from so many has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this amazing experience.

GIRLilla Warfare  makes us better mothers, better friends, and dispels the myth of the Perfect Woman.

I am so grateful to Lisa, and all of the wonderful success GW has achieved in its first year. Here’s looking forward to another year of insightful, provocative and honest writing.

E.J. Gordon, GW “Sexpert”
When I first approached Lisa with a topic I’d like to see, she had one question for me: “Do you write?” I told her I used to before I put my life on hold to be a Mommy. With her encouragement, I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing, and I’ve had so much fun sharing with GW readers the fun topics I’ve always loved discussing with my friends. GIRLilla Warfare has put a spring in my step and given me countless topics of conversation! I’m so happy to be part of the GIRLilla Team.

Arden Edelcup — GW’s “Beauty Babe”
When Lisa invited me to Vibe last year for the dual launch of her amazing new novel, “Fugitive Colors” and the “Girlillawarfare.com” blog, I was amazed by both her energy and passion. What I never could have expected was the invitation a few months later to join her team as the “Beauty Babe.” I was beyond thrilled, but also unsure If I had anything worthwhile to share. Once upon a time, I had loved to write but that passion had been buried beneath the demands of running both a retail store and a house full of teens. It took Lisa’s unwavering confidence in me to uncover that “Inner Writer” and I have found more joy then I ever thought possible. While I was hired by Lisa to discuss beauty issues, she has inspired me to go beneath the surface and find something deeper in everything that I write. Through this profound experience, I realize that writing about beauty far transcends tired banter on wrinkle creams and lipglosses. And I have GIRLilla Warfare to thank for that.

Evan Field — Our “GUYrilla” 
I am honored to be part of the GIRLilla Warfare crew. I’m most looking forward to letting the female population in on how we men tick. Using this medium to share what is really in a man’s head is powerful and inspiring. The Blog has a great circulation, and I am hoping that both women and men can learn and laugh from my experiences and opinions.

Jessica Jaksich, GW’s Social Media Editor, and Voice of  “The Young Generation”
I joined the GIRLilla Warfare team this spring after my cousin Dave (GW web designer) got me in touch with Lisa. As a GW blogger, I have gotten to try my hand at writing for a new target demographic and it’s been an amazing experience. I love representing the college voice for GW’s readers and writing for an audience that I know is really listening. As social media editor, I get to do what I love (tweet, pin, Facebook stalk) while working to expand GW’s readership.

I’m so glad to be a part of such an awesome, up-and-coming publication and I look forward to watching it grow!

Marnie Wilcox, Blog “Muse” and Fitness Guru
Congrats on making this blog such a success, Lisa.  I am so proud to call you both my friend and confidante.

confidante känfə,dant/dänt|noun (fem. confidante pronunc. same) a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.

Funny how this definition reminds me of GIRLilla Warfare in tandem to family, friends, and acquaintances. I have always been an open book regarding my life, my feelings, my opinions, and my community. The weekly posts allow private matters, hidden secrets, and under-the-carpet topics to be acceptable in everyone’s book. GIRLilla Warfare managed to create a segue into people’s psyche by sharing their open books to those who need it the most. It makes us feel “normal” — not alone — a part of a group instead of an outsider wondering if anyone else feels as we do.  Thank you for creating this masterpiece to channel our inner thoughts to an open forum of advice, guidance, and acceptance of what is happening in everyone’s neck of the woods.   You have become the readers’ confidante without giving away their anonymity. Charge forward with many anniversaries to come. Love, Marnie

LB: Readers: We WOULD love to hear from YOU … we are always open to your insight, feedback, and suggestions as we move into our next year …  Bring it on, Girlfriends!

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