Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo LOVE, GIRLilla Warfare

By Lisa Barr

Ahh, LOVE …. There are so many ways to go with this. So, I’m choosing GRATITUDE. In this very moment, gazing out the window of my favorite suburban cafe (three guesses …), the pieces of my puzzle have fallen miraculously into place: Love, Parenting, Family, Writing, Friendship, and Spirit. Yes, all is quiet on the Suburban Front. Check. 

To My Fabulous Readers: Damn, Girlfriends — wouldn’t know what to do without you. You are the heart of this blog. Thanks for your time, care, input and loyalty. We love bringing you the best we’ve got — thanks, for all the support.

To My Wonderful GIRLilla Warfare Team:  Dave, Jessica, Tom, Debby, Arden, Jamie and E.J. You rock, you roll, you always meet your deadlines. You go the distance with your hearts, your experience and your sharpened pencils (solid number 2’s, not those crappy mechanical plastic ones that my kids love and break). This blog would be just another Cyberspace filler without your inner beauty, wit, and talent. There is no subject that is taboo; no subject you won’t tackle. You are fearless with your words. How blessed am I? 

To My Beautiful Family: LOVE LOVE LOVE you with all my heart ‘n’ soul. You complete me (at times, deplete me), but as one of my favorite poets e.e. cummings so eloquently puts it: I carry your heart with me. I carry it in MY heart. At all times, Always & Forever. (P.S. Despite the drama, I wouldn’t trade a single day.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to All:  Live it, Love it, Laugh it, Breathe it — and above all, know that you’re deeply appreciatedxoxo LB


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