Launch Party of GIRLilla Warfare

Lisa Barr’s Scrapbook:  Launch Party of GIRLilla Warfare and debut of her novel FUGITIVE COLORS at Vibe in Highland Park, Illinois. Friends, Vino & Great Convo: What more could a girl ask for?

Photos by Robin Subar

Samantha Blumenthal and Danielle Resnick


Lisa and David Barr with Marcy Glink


Marnie Wilcox and Lisa Barr


Jen Baustad, Randi Gideon, Bonnie Schoenberg, Michelle Breger, and Lisa Barr


Alyssa Glantz, Marnie Wilcox, Lisa Barr, and Nancee Schmetterer


Staci Chase, Lisa Barr and Robin Kuznetsky


Lisa Barr and Wendy Olmen


Dina Kaplan and Mike Rosenzweig


Pamela Cell and Lisa Barr


Marcy Padorr, Lisa Warren, Lisa Barr, and Elyse Fisher


Bonnie Keidan, Betsy Kushen, Gerri Tyson, Julie Gordon


Jonathan Frydman and David Barr


“The Mellowship” rocked the night! Talk about a vibe …


Elise Brill with Lisa and David Barr


Nikki and Todd Gagerman


Bonnie Schoenberg, Susan Barr, and Lisa Barr


Lisa Barr, Shea Vaughn, and Julie Kreamer


Pam Andre, Lisa Warren, Marcy Padorr, and Kim Seiden


Karen Scheck, Lauren Blumenthal, and Lisa Barr


Lynn Sutton and Sandy De Lisle


Paula Goldman and Lisa Polisner


Dave and Nikki Stepen


Jodi Weiss And Rebecca Fishman


Lisa Barr and Lisa Norcia, owner of VIBE


Diane Balke and Lisa Barr


Lisa Barr and Jill Feldman


David, Noa, and Lisa Barr


Jodi Finn, Lisa Weiss and Margaret Grouzard


Vibe at 1935

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