Lollapalooza? Move Over. Make Way for LULUpalooza

Photograph by Robin Subar 

By Lisa Barr

I kid you not. If God Forbid there were an emergency in my house and it needed to be evacuated — my daughters would save the dogs, their phones, and their Lulu leggings. Three teenage girls, and our arguments (aka: Clothes Wars) usually begin with Lulu and end with Lemon (SHE took my X; HERS are longer — what a liar. MINE are size 2 … HERS are 4’s. It’s MY sports bra — not HERS). On and on to the point that my husband had to install locks on the closets. Okay, that’s just INSIDE my house. And there was another “Lulu” moment last year when I had to give a speech in Houston in front of 300 people for my book. My phone rang right before I went on stage — I saw it was one of my daughters — so I ran and quickly hid inside a toilet stall.

“Honey, I can’t talk. Have to give a speech in like five seconds. Is it important?”

“Yes. X – stole my black Lulus, and she’s lying that they’re hers. She won’t take them off. They’re mine. I know because I marked the label in blue Sharpie. Will you tell her to take them off.”

“Really? Now?”

“Yes, do something, Mommy. It’s not fair.”

Life in the Land of Women. Is it ever fair? 

Every day, for better or worse, it is a Lulu Fest in our house.

But now comes along the real deal, a good deal, the kind of deal in which a crew like mine will be banging down the door. Ahh, Lulupalooza (May 30 -31 in Highland Park, Illinois. See below for details) where women are invited to bring new or gently used Lululemon workout wear in exchange for cash, and of course there is more than plenty to purchase while you’re at it. Does it get any better than that?

Lulupalooza … the name itself conjures up an image of a stadium filled with leggings, yoga pants, booty shorts, tanks, sports bras. Ross’s of Highland Park will be on hand selling camp merchandise. The event will be rockin’ with music by DJ Noah Saltz. PLUS — and your daughters will love this — check out a denim cutoff bar (who knew?) featuring Styled to Rock and Lady Gaga Designer, Laura Petrielli-Pulice. The deal is this: You can buy a pair of new or gently used designer jeans at the event and Laura will create one-of-a-kind cutoffs.

Lulupalooza is the brainchild of Loree Wasserman, owner of Loree’s Closet, the premier luxury eBay store on Chicago’s North Shore. Her We Buy Lulu division was launched last year due to the overwhelming demand for Lulu items on her eBay site. Today Loree’s Closet sells luxury goods for individual, retail and wholesale clients across the United States to shoppers around the world. It’s a Have Clothes, Will travel gig, and let me just say on the record — EVERYBODY LOVES LOREE.

In fact, I knew Loree from college, hadn’t seen her in years.  I bumped into her at Starbucks (where else?) a few years back and she told me she had this fabulous idea … At the time she was a Stay-at-Home Mom with three young children, sold an old designer purse she found in her closet on eBay. Beginning with the sale of that one purse, she used her background in retail sales, customer service and marketing to launch Loree’s Closet.

Not only that, Loree’s Closet is involved with numerous charities. This is the kind of give-back biz GIRLilla Warfare loves. So go on Girlfriends, support her, and check out the Lulupalooza extravaganza. It’s the clothes concert you don’t want to miss.

Lulupalooza takes place on Friday, May 30, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m, and Saturday, May 31, 11 am – 4 p.m. at 1500 Old Deerfield Road, Unit 19, in Highland Park, Illinois. For more information call, (847) 748-8451. Check out LoreesCloset.com and webuylulu.com to shop and to sell your Lulu items for immediate cash. 

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