Memory-Maker: Plan THE Coolest Summer Experience NOW For Your Kids

By GIRLilla Warfare Staff

Are you unsure which overnight camp may be right for your kid? Is your high-schooler looking to build his or her resume for college by having a summer service-oriented experience while having the time of their lives? Perhaps your child is interested in seeing what the “Real World” is like, say taking classes at UCLA by day, and spending evenings in a “camp” like experience with kids from all over the country.

Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Greece, The Netherlands, Hawaii … Ahh, if only WE could do it all over again …

One of our GIRLilla faves is the Camp Experts. Not only is our local representative Renee Morris fabulous and fun-loving, but also she works with your kids to ensure they have the coolest summer of their lives.

Camp Experts specializes in working one-on-one with each family to find the “perfect” summer program for their child and ultimately ensure success!  The right summer camp can help a child increase their self-esteem, develop life-long friendships, foster a sense of belonging, learn new skills and so much more. It’s also an opportunity for your child to be “unplugged” (Amen!) and to really connect with their peers and counselors. Teen summer programs are not only an amazing experience for travel and exploration, but can also be great for “resume building.” College counselors claim that the best applications tell a story of who you are and what your passions are. Finding the right summer experience — whether it be a community service program, summer internship, pre-college experience, language or sport intensive or outdoor adventure trip — can help tell that story.

For more information, contact Rene Morris at Renee@campexperts.com. Check out: www.campexperts.com

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