Money Mama: TOP 10 TIPS On How to Rock Your New Biz NOW

By Jamie Kanner

Are you a Mompreneur who is wondering how the heck to get your business to the next level? Did you start a business that you have passion and love for, but  are wondering: Am I ever going to make REAL money?

Here are my TOP TIPS to growing and building a six-figure home-based business.

1. Where is your daily focus? It needs to be above the “revenue” line. (Great read is “Never Check Email In the Morning” by Julie Morgenstern).

What is income producing vs. busy work? Busy work takes up your time and lets you think you ‘worked hard” — but if your activities aren’t “money making” then you are not going to get the results of an increase in your income. For example, income-producing activities include: contacting clients, selling products, following up with clients, closing sales, producing products. Busy work is posting to Facebook, making flyers, excess phone time with friends or family members during your work day. In addition random “surfing” of social media sites without a focus or direction or goal to grow your business can become a huge time-waster and distractor.

2. Get some new skills and hire some help.

What are you worth to your business an hour? Are you doing the $10-an-hour jobs? If so, hire those jobs out to an intern, a part-time student or  a virtual assistant. I know just enough WordPress to be frustrated by how long it takes to edit and fix my site. So I hire out a virtual assistant to help with my blog posts and my newsletters. Hiring a virtual assistant can be very reasonable. I pay $13 an hour and the job is done in 10 minutes.

3. Read 10 pages every day.

Choose a book, journal or magazine in your industry. Reading 10 pages daily is a habit that is easy to do and easy not to do. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal if you skip a day, but your business habits are built on the little daily actions you take or don’t take. This is a big one. You will get smarter, more well-rounded, and become more of an expert in your field. I am a big believer in growing your skills. Read books, sign up for a webinar, take an online class, and join a networking group in your industry.

4. Get a business coach or join a group of “like-minded” entrepreneurs to help hold you accountable for your goals.

It’s tough to go it alone in your home office, when the laundry needs to get done, the dinner needs to be made, and you’d rather vacuum the kitchen than call a prospect.

5. Do ONE thing every day that scares you.

Most of us are “scared” to call that one person to sell our products, offer our services, or make a contact that could be beneficial. However, if you come from a place of  “who can I serve today” — your calls will get easier and your courage will rise. Read “Eat that Frog!” by Brian Tracy.

6. Do the toughest items on your to-do list first thing, right away, before you tackle the easy stuff like calling your favorite clients.

How are your phone/people skills? On the average businesswomen with poor phone skills earn less than 40K a year — whereas those who can rock the phone earn OVER  $200,000. Which check would you prefer? My favorite phone training is www.dynamicproduction.com. This program is designed for direct sales consultants but the training and tracking plans are excellent.

It takes much less activity than you think to really grow a big business. Do you treat your business like a hobby or a business? Hobbies cost us money, and businesses make money. A hobby is something we focus on 2-3 times a week. A business we work daily.

7. Treat your social media with a business mindset.

Set a timer and make your contributions, share a story, quote or picture something that contributes to your client base and get back to work!

8. Take care of yourself and have fun.

When all four of my children were in different schools and I was flying around like a madwoman with wet hair from the shower every day, my business stalled because I looked and acted so stressed out.  If you stop exercising, and stop taking care of yourself,  you can’t really focus on attracting new business. Go get a manicure, takes a yoga class, or get a massage. Never lose your happy place or stop doing what fills you up. For me it’s my yoga, if I go too long without stepping into a hot room and onto my yoga mat, everyone around me including my business suffers.

9. Know the cost of your business and what you are earning on a monthly basis.

It’s hard to grow a bigger business if you don’t know your numbers. Knowing this information can help you calculate what expenses to cut back on or increase.

10. Make sure the first day of each month that you analyze the previous month regarding what worked and what didn’t — where can you improve, and how can you grow. 

Here’s my feeling — Girls, the world needs us to be rich and massively successful. Why? We can do an awful lot of good with all that money.

We can take care of our families, contribute to charity, hire people to work for us, which helps the economy and become role models for our families and other women. Are you ready to rock your business in 2014?  Post “I’m In” in the GIRLilla Warfare “comments” section below.

What is your favorite tip? Have a question? Please post your questions here. ALL questions will be answered.

 Lisa Barr, Editor of GIRLilla Warfare:  Jamie Kanner (LOVE HER! And, you can bet I am using her tips for GW) has four children, and has been happily married for over 26 years. You can reach her at: jkanner92@gmail.com or www.Jamie.myarbonne.com






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