Still Got Game: An Ode to Sandra Bullock … and to US

By Arden Edelcup

I have always had a massive girl crush on Sandra Bullock and, turning 50 last August, was made a wee bit less painful because Sandy turned 50 two whole weeks before me. For almost two decades, she has always been the idealized version of myself, and like so many women in America, I really feel like if she met me, we’d be BFFs.

Sandy is that pretty yet goofy friend who snorts when she laughs and admits to cringing at her Morning Face.

However, my hubby has also repeated on more than a few occasions, that if I were to graciously give him a “PASS” — Sandra Bullock would be the very lucky recipient. That reveals the appeal of Sandra Bullock: We all have crushes on her.

Her beauty illuminates from that perfect blend of sexy, self-deprecation and grace. Our hearts all broke for her as she faced the devastation and humiliation of being cheated on and dumped by her “dream man” AFTER she gushed about him during an Academy Awards acceptance speech. For women everywhere, who have suffered the wrenching pain of heartbreak, she inspired us all to handle it with quiet dignity. Leave it to Sandy to take the high road after that tattooed two-timer paraded around with a young ink-covered fiancé within months of their public break-up. Rather than respond, she courageously announced that she would follow through on the adoption of her son, Louis, as a single mother. 

So when People so wisely chose her as “2015 Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, there has been a universal applause from the legions of “hot flashers” throughout the country.

Let’s start with the obvious reality of aging. In so many ways, aging really sucks.

It sucks in big gigantic ways and tiny miniscule ways too. The discovery of our first grey hair at 40, pales in comparison to the thick forest of wiry silver that needs daily vigilant attention at 50. After half a century on this earth, our boobs are begging to find a comfy place by our knees to hang out. So needless to say, most of us do not feel sexier at 50 than we did at 35, and that is quite a bitter pill to swallow. So when Sandy B’s beautiful 50-year-old face graced the cover or People, it is truly cause to celebrate the hopefulness that society may be willing to concede that women can hold onto that sexy beauty for a few more years.

As I perused the pages of the “runners-up” for this coveted beauty title, I realized the pages were filled with more beauties in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. While we always expect to see the “starlets du jour” like Blake Lively and Margot Robbie to grace the pages of beauty awards, it was super reaffirming to see talented actresses like Julianne Moore and Viola Davis get recognized for their timeless beauty as well.

Like it or not, women in the entertainment industry tend to serve as a reflection into our own lives.

It is natural to internalize the emotions when we witness aging actresses who become relegated to the sexless supporting role of tough public defender. Nothing illuminates this better than the hilarious season premier episode of “Inside Amy Schumer”. The now viral episode, features Julia Louis-Dreyfus dutifully explaining to Amy how the media decides when women reach the day they are not believably f*ckable anymore — a point that men never reach. It is raw and hilarious, yet brutal in its honest observation of the indignities women endure as they age in the public eye.

Anointing Sandra Bullock the most beautiful woman in the world has a magnificent poetic justice to it as well.

Bullock is a single mom who has not only endured but also triumphed both professionally and personally while playing by her own rules.

She has famously stated that she would never appear nude on film, yet still managed to become one of the highest-paid actresses. Upon learning that she was chosen by People, she said that she laughed and thought it was ridiculous. And when asked how she defined beauty, she simply stated that, “Beauty is quiet”. She is so deserving of my decades-long girl crush. She is a fully-formed, multi-faced business woman who emanates a warmth and toughness that only a half century of living can provide.

There truly is a perfect beauty in that.

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