Teen-2-Teen: High School Graduates’
“Legacy” to the Younger Generation

LB:  GIRLilla Warfare’s Editorial Assistant Sami Blumenthal asked a group of high-school graduates: “What three pieces of advice would you hand down to the next generation?”

Parents: Pass this blog to your middle-schoolers and/or high-schoolers. These are simple words to live by … but sometimes when they come from kids-2-kids, it can actually be more effective than when they come from you (even if you say the Very Same Thing — oops, ESPECIALLY if you say the Very Same Thing).

By Sami Blumenthal

It’s the middle of June, and the first few weeks of summer have kicked in. For some high-schoolers, this is start of summer school, the first few days at that new summer day job, or even packing up the duffels for their new counselor position at their favorite overnight camp. However, us graduates have even more to work on this summer. Preparing for college is a draining experience…and the whole process surely isn’t complete without the classic reflection over the past four years. Instead of reflecting upon the funny stories, or embarrassing moments, I decided to ask a group of high school graduates to share advice for the next generation.

Here’s what they had to say: 

Sam, 18

1) Academics come first.

2) Always have a designated driver.

3) Always contact or go in for help when you need it — that way your teacher knows you are trying and you’re an engaged student.


Molly, 18

1) It will be hard, but you’ll get through it.

2) Focus on your studies. Grades really, really matter. It ALL counts.

3) Be safe…in every social situation.


Sara, 18

1) Be your own person — be Independent.

2) Maintain self-respect.

3) Always have positive energy, never get attention through self-pity…it isn’t healthy!


Max, 18

1) Always wear protection.

2) Ask questions to teachers and parents. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

3) If I ever need anything, I know my parents are always there. Work on having a great relationship with them, so they will be there for you too, no matter the situation.


Rachel, 18

1) Good Grades, Social Life, Sleep…Choose 2.

2) Staying organized will contribute to great success.

3) Do not procrastinate.


Dylan, 18

1) Stay true to yourself and follow your OWN instinct.

2) Everything happens for a reason.

3) Be a leader; never a follower. You don’t need someone else to make YOUR choices.


Sami: We may seem to you parents as too mesmerized by Facebook, or our thumbs may be racing faster than the speed of light when we text, but when you give us words of wisdom … somehow they eventually become Ours. We do hear you, especially when you think we don’t. And not only do we hear, but also we actually listen too.

The legacy my generation is providing is actually what YOUR generation gave to us.

So many critics say we are a Lost Generation, a Bored Generation, Takers … But if you look deeply, in the end — we, too, come out of all this, mature, with an unique ability to give back from our own past experiences, as we head off to finding new ones.



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