The “Other Man” in My Life

By Lisa Barr

I believe you can have many loves throughout your life — they come in all forms — first boy crush, ‘first kiss’ guy, camp boyfriend, hot T.A. crush, “Your First” guy, vacation romance guy, college boyfriend, bad boy, break-your-heart guy, the one-that-got-away, the-man-you-marry … or in my case, the man-you-marry-SECOND-time-around (aka: The ONE).

And then there’s the Other Dude — the one in your head — Fantasy Guy.

Okay, here’s my confession: HIS name is Julian Klein. He is my Literary Guy, my Other Love  — the protagonist in my debut novel FUGITIVE COLORS, a suspenseful tale of an artist’s revenge during World War II. He is the guy to whom I gave birth, and walking rites. I have created him from head-to-toe — what goes through his mind, how he views life, women, his mother, his friends, himself, his actions and reactions, feelings, all of his physical attributes — all come from my pen, my heart and my head.

My Literary Love is a guy with whom I never ever argue — he doesn’t do laundry, dishes, or carpool — BUT he pretty much does what I say.

Yes, I have been with Julian Klein longer than I’ve been with my husband — 16 years and counting. That is when Julian first began to materialize in my head. After doing several years of research and interviews, I wrote my first draft (of many drafts) when I was pregnant — on 9 months bed rest with my eldest daughter. I know everything about Julian — and he knows nothing about me. It is a very lopsided relationship — but I have total control (kind of a backward 50 Shades of Grey). If any of you are writers or have tried your hand at creative writing, or even just keep a journal and have created a few fantasy men within the pages — you know what it is to fall in love with a fictional character. And I have had many literary crushes along the way (Ahh, Ponyboy …)

Anyway, in October 2013 — Julian Klein, a young artist who left his religious upbringing in Chicago for the freedom of Paris in the 1930s, will be making his “second” literary debut.

A year ago, I decided to publish FUGITIVE COLORS with Amazon. It was an absolutely amazing experience. A few years earlier, FUGITIVE COLORS had won the Hollywood Film Festival’s First Prize for “Best Unpublished Manuscript” (Opus Magnum Discovery Award), but I had to shelve the book while dealing with my nightmare divorce and all the consequences. Most importantly, all my creativity had to be put on the backburner to get my then young children back on track, their lives normalized, and happy again. When my Real Life Guy (aka: David) came into our world — adopting my girls and giving us his incredible love and support — I was then able to bring FUGITIVE COLORS back to life.

Arcade Publishing took on FUGITIVE COLORS as its Very Own — giving Julian Klein & Friends a new lease in the literary world. The novel will be in bookstores nationwide in October, as well as overseas. You can pre-order the novel NOW at a fraction of the cost (I know that sounds like an info-mercial) — but I thought I would put it out there for you, our GIRLilla Warfare readers. The novel is the “other side” of my writing — darker, racier, suspenseful — of course, lots of love, betrayal and action. Here’s the link: Pre-order FUGITIVE COLORS

Also, our GW designer Dave Stepen of Appdroplet launched a new site for the book — check it out! www.fugitivecolorsthenovel.com  — I would love your feedback. (Note to computer dummies like myself: If you have looked up my old site in the past — hit “Refresh” and you’ll get the new one).

If you enjoy historical suspense, love, passion, relationships, sex, art, and revenge — then give the book a look. My only demand (NO is Not an option here): FUGITIVE COLORS goes best with Good Wine. (Cabernet is highly recommended). Happy Reading!  xoxo Lisa

FUGITIVE COLORS (Arcade Publishing, October 2013)  

Fugitive Colors is a gripping debut novel of an artist’s indomitable vengeance after World War II. Julian Klein, a young American artist, rebels against his religious upbringing and is eager for the artistic freedom of 1930s Paris. He flees Chicago only to find himself consumed by a world in which a paintbrush is far more lethal than a gun. An artist turned spy, Julian at the same time competes with jealous inferior artists who feverishly attempt to destroy those with true talent. Love, friendship, betrayal, and passion, as Julian learns, are never black and white. Like an abstract painting, Julian’s turbulent journey is emotionally charged as he tries to save his friends and salvage some of the most beloved pieces of modern art—including his own.

The story of Julian and his friends’ artistic endeavors is inspired by a harrowing and little-known historical truth: the official Nazi exhibition of “Degenerate Art,” which opened in Munich on July 19, 1937, one day after the first Great German Art Exhibition. Lisa Barr brings to life artists who were made to endure miserable oppression—sometimes death—under the brutal Nazi regime. This is a novel of suspense, love, mystery, and, above all, the power of art.

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