The REAL “Bachelor” Winner: Andi Dorfman — Moms Are Counting On You

GIRLilla Warfare News: 

The hands-down winner of this season’s “The Bachelor” is Andi Dorfman — savvy, smart, beautiful, ambitious, laid-back, opinionated, and a young woman who knew just when to say Goodbye, Juan Pablo — I don’t do assholes, and I’m outta here – rejecting him before he could say, “How ‘bout one more hook-up before you go, it’s okay.”

NO, Andi made it clear that it was NOT okay …

And guess what, the 26-year-old assistant prosecutor from Atlanta, Georgia, is being tapped as “The Bachelorette”.  We were proud of her kicking JP’s cocky butt and so was ABC — going after the right girl.

LOVE LOVE LOVE It,  and here’s why … The Bachelor/The Bachelorette is for so many of us, a guilty pleasure. For me, it means special time on the couch with one of my three daughters who is “obsessed” — and that togetherness is the best part. (We also do “Nashville” together … ahh, Deacon, Deacon).

But for once, there’s a young woman Out There who is the Real Deal, an example-setter as far as Reality Shows go — and boy, Andi, do we need you.

Miley of Twerk Central killed the innocent Hannah Montana for our girls with her creepy cats, flying wieners, and errant tongue, and has taken her circus on the road and sadly, being reinforced straight to the bank. And even Beyonce — shame on you, you know better — joined the School of How Low Can You Go with her latest steamy video showcasing singing while having sex in the back of a limo (nice maternal example for Blue Ivy). But down-to-earth Andi (with fab hair and clothes) just may be our ticket. What we can’t tell our teenagers and young women seeking love – perhaps through her actions and the way she assesses men and choices — she can do it for us.

With her smarts and self-confidence, and most of all, the unwillingness to sell herself short to a man  – she will be giving our daughters — a true gift — a Role Model.

A young empowered woman who says NO. So desperately needed.

xoxo Lisa Barr, Editor



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