By Lisa Barr

Hey Friends, Family & Colleagues — 
TODAY is Book Launch Day… I can’t believe it’s finally here. Let me just state upfront: I’m excited, scared, thrilled, but SO ready to celebrate my new novel THE UNBREAKABLES (Harper/fiction) – a passionate tribute to a women’s strength in the face of heartbreak and adversity.

My protagonist Sophie Bloom is a hot mess turned badass (and I kinda fell in love with her) – I hope you do too. After being betrayed by her husband and her besties, Sophie flees to the south of France to heal her broken heart. There, she rediscovers her sensuality and reclaims her ambitions as an artist. 

THE UNBREAKABLES is sexy, heartwarming, and emotionally gripping. I promise to make you blush, laugh, cry, and cheer on my girl Sophie Bloom as she gets her groove back and learns what it truly means to sculpt a REAL masterpiece – her own life.

PopSugar lists THE UNBREAKABLES on its “Best Reads of Summer” and Publishers Weekly calls the book an “exquisitely wrought” novel. It would mean the world to me if you ordered THE UNBREAKABLES TODAY … oh, and tell your besties (and their besties …).

My novel is available in all formats — pick your fave: paperback, eBook and Audible. ORDER HERE:  http://bit.ly/UnbreakablesNovel

Much Love & Happy Reading xoxo Lisa Barr

Lisa Barr is the editor and creator of GIRLilla Warfare, and the author of THE UNBREAKABLES and the award-winning historical thriller FUGITIVE COLORS.

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