To “Our” GW Graduate — Welcome to the Real World

WITH LOVE, The GIRLilla Warfare Team

Jessica Jaksich — You are the type of young woman who is poised to take on The Next Big Thing — smart, savvy, beautiful, kind, a great friend (clearly your 5 MILLION Facebook “Likes” are an indicator), and a serious go-getter. Not to mention you help your Technically-Challenged Editor on a daily basis to network and spread “The Blog” word with your social media prowess.

How lucky we are to have YOU on board …

So proud of you here, at the GIRLilla Ranch. So Goodbye College and Hello Real World  — All yours, Girlfriend, for the taking, and we are right behind you.

Always know who YOU are and what YOU want — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise as you cross over to the Other Side, and start chalking up experiences.

Congratulations — Our Graduate — From All of Us!!

Readers: Check Out  Jessica’s upcoming blog: Life Part II: Graduating … AND Coming Home (GW, Thursday) ….

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