Top 10 Secrets of the Six-Figure Mom

By Jamie Kanner

Twenty-one years ago, I was a new Mom working in Corporate America with a 13-month-old baby daughter who I desperately wanted to stay home to raise. However, quitting my job without an additional income stream was not an option, so I went in search of home-based business opportunities.  I had never heard of network marketing or direct sales.  After doing some research, I came across a Swiss skin care and cosmetic company and signed up as a consultant. I don’t have an overnight success story to share, nor was I very good at the business when I started, but I choose to keep learning and “never quit.”

Many of my friends and family members literally “laughed” when I shared my business with them. “You are never going to make any money at that thing, no one ever does.” “It’s a scam.” “Is that one of those pyramid things?” These were just a few of the comments I heard.

In addition, my husband, who is an attorney, not an entrepreneur, was also very skeptical of the business model and not happy to have to “watch” our daughter when I went out at night to work my new business. I will never forget one day he came home from work and said, “Honey, did anything get done in the house today?” My response was:

“When the baby takes her two-hour nap, I am on the phones scheduling appointments and making money. Last time I checked, it didn’t pay to clean the kitchen.”

My goal was to replace my corporate income and earn at least $10,000 a month.  I chose to never lose sight of my goals.  I had done my due diligence. I was not investing a lot of money (under $300), and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, I closed my ears and eyes to all of the doubters and kept working …

I am proud to say ALL of my hard work paid off in a big way. I reached the top level of my company pay plan, earned a free Mercedes, but most importantly, taught my children that Mommy CAN work from home, earn an amazing paycheck and STILL be waiting at the bus-stop to greet you.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for any “Working Mom” who wants to put her kids and family first — and NOT sacrifice a paycheck.

Targeted daily actions that will move you and your business forward.

  1. You must have a big vision. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Do you want to: send your kids to private school, start a college fund, get out of debt, travel the world, see the Eiffel tower? What’s your WHY? It really should make you cry, in a good way. If you don’t have a Big Vision, any obstacles will knock you off track. Set 30, 60, and 90-day goals and read them monthly. Make sure your goals are focused on income-producing activities.
  2.  Start the day with learning.  Read or listen to inspirational, educational books or magazines for at least 10 minutes. Always.
  3. Use one calendar for work and family. Never check email before you have double-checked your calendar, organized your day, and scheduled or accomplished your #1 income-producing activity for the day.
  4. Set a timer and have a daily plan for email and social media.  For example, I post 4x a day, comment connect or inspire at least 3 people a day and than get off-line!
  5. Always pre-plan the night or afternoon before so when you are sleeping you are not worrying about tomorrow. My kids come home at 3, so I have to pre-plan at 2:30.
  6. Schedule weekly follow-up time on your calendar, so you can stay in touch with your prospects and your clients. Clients so appreciate a care call.
  7. Ask your potential clients how and when they best like to be contacted.  Do they prefer: cell phone, Facebook, email, texting or even a landline. In addition, find out if daytime, lunch hour or evening is better to reach them. This will save you from “phone tag” and increase your income dramatically. The more people you reach, the more business you can schedule.
  8.  I prefer to work during the daytime when my kids are at school, however if I need to contact clients in the evening or on weekends I have a separate evening/weekend follow-up list.
  9. Start an email list. Put all of your contacts in one place so contacting them and staying in touch is simple. I use Constant Contact but there are many programs that are free up to 2,500 contacts.
  10. Limit incoming negative news. Each night I listen to motivational and belief building tracks on my iPod as I fall asleep. You will be surprised how this CAN increase your belief in yourself and keep you motivated when you have obstacles.

Twenty-two years have gone by and I have had the privilege of working from home and raising all four of our amazing kids. It was never easy but it has been SO worth it.

Remember, there will always be “naysayers” and quitters. I chose not to be either. I knew deep down if others could be successful in my industry, then so could I.

What’s your favorite tip? We would love your comments.

Lisa Barr, Editor of GIRLilla Warfare:  Jamie Kanner (LOVE HER! And, you can bet I am using her tips for GW) has four children, and has been happily married for over 26 years. You can reach her at : jkanner92@gmail.com or www.Jamie.myarbonne.com


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