Wake Up, Sistahs – GIRLilla Warfare IS Back

By Lisa Barr

No more lounging, no more chill time at the beach, pool, club, backyard, or wherever you vacay — because those dreaded school forms are now facing you again. The “just sign this … and this … and this” is back with an inky black vengeance. Not to mention the pressure: carpools, tryouts, buying books, supplies, gear, clothes, classes, tutors, doctors’ appointments  — all of that and more is eyeballing you.

No worries, Ladies — GIRLilla Warfare is in the house, and you are SO not alone.

At GIRLilla Warfare, there is no subject left unturned, no taboo issue on this blog — except for one: This is not a place for Mean Girls, Mean Moms. They are NOT invited.

GIRLilla Warfare is about Moms in the suburban “trenches” helping other Moms. Your issues are our issues: Marriage/Divorce/Parenting/Sex/Teens/Girl Drama/Mama Drama/Beauty/Body Image/Finances/Fitness/Fashion/Spirituality. GW is not a Desperate Housewives or a Housewives Of … site. There is NO beating up one another here. Rather, we expose issues, tackle them at their core, and work together for solutions.

This gig is all about Mom Code.

And for the hell of it, we do have our in-house GUYrilla, who gives us the male perspective.

Mark your calendars now: Tuesday, September 2 — we are back-in-biz with all of your faves: Debby Shulman – our Teen Expert, Arden “Beauty Babe” Edelcup — Beauty & Trends, Jamie Kanner, our “Mompreneur”, and E.J. Gordon, our “Sexpert” — and of course, all of our guest bloggers, who will be coming your way on a weekly basis to give you the goods; the tools of Suburban Survival.

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This is your wake-up call, Girlfriend. So psyched to be back in your ‘hood. xoxo Lisa 



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